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[WEBINAR] RJSWM Insights – Thriving in a Crisis: What does the recovery look like?

Recorded: 21 May 2020

As the world experiences the impact of this global pandemic, we have seen unparalleled levels of uncertainty, extreme market volatility and widespread business disruption.

As history tells us, this crisis will pass, and the decisions made in the midst of uncertainty and volatility will remain with us long after.

Our experts share insights into why to remain focused on the long-term objectives, as often short-term uncertainty provides good opportunities for future wealth growth.

Get COVID-19 market insights, information on the Federal Government Stimulus Package, value-packed webinars and more.

As uncertainty in the economic climate continues to impact the social, business and financial landscape, we are constantly updating and creating new tools and information for you.

To review the latest resources on COVID-19, please click here. This page is regularly updated, so please check back in from time to time.

01 - How Does Australia fare against other countries?

02 - The Current Market Position

03 - What the recovery may look like?

05 - Wealth Strategies to turn Crisis into Opportunity


Q1 - Should we be worried about the China Trade War?

Q2 - Should we be concerned about liquidity in the future?

Q3 - What's your advice to Soon-to-be Retirees?

Q4 - With Monetary policy somewhat limited, should the government focus on fiscal policy to boost the economy post COVID?

Q5 - How do you see fixed interest performing over the medium term?

Want to Know More?

Resources to help you make well-informed financial decisions,

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Working Together to Create Financial Possibilities

Find out what action to take during times of uncertainty.

Seek advice and remain focused on the long-term objectives, as often short-term volatility and uncertainty provides good opportunities for future wealth growth.

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